Vida Divina presents our Flagship product, TeDivina. You will know it’s Dr. Ramos’ Original Tea Formula by its rich amber color.

  • Formulated to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body
  • 12-herb blend
  • Contains no caffeine

1 Sachet Makes 1 Week of TeDivina

(6 sachets per package)

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Suggested Use:

Drink 8 oz. with breakfast, 8 oz. with lunch and 4 oz. with dinner or as directed by your health care professional.  Do not consume more than 20 fluid ounces in a 24 hour period unless directed by your health care professional.


Store in a cool, dry place.  Refrigerate after brewing.


Persimmon Leaves, Holy Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Myrrh, Chamomile, Ginger, Cranberry, Siberian Chaga, Reishi, and Fiber.

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